Brintons were founded in 1783 and have been manufacturing carpet in Kidderminster, UK since then. They are possibly the largest manufacturers of Wool blend carpets in the world and claim the pioneering of the iconic 80% wool/20% nylon blend. We have worked with them in the UK and overseas and they recoomend and endorse our system. Here’s what they say, “Brintons have an established understanding and appreciation of the HOST carpet cleaning system. The HOST system uses Woolsafe products and is recommended as a suitable system for the care and maintenance of Brinton’s carpets. We are happy to endorse the system as part of a cleaning and maintenance regime within both Commercial and Residential installations.”

HOST recognise that Brinton are a leader in the manufacture of Wool and Wool blend carpets. We agree that wool carpets have a justified reuptation for their long-lasting good appearance, excellent recovery from furniture dents and resistance to soiling and so retention of their colour. Wool carpets repond well to HOST Dry Carpet Cleaning and have a justified reputation for longevity that other fibres seem to lack. However, like all carpets when a spill happens its important to take swift action.

Synthetic fibres, while initially responding well to cleaning, over time seem to clean less and less easily. The reason is that as the fibres get damaged the little cracks and fissures that develop in the individual fibres trap dirt and spillages which then can be impossible to get out again. In carpet cleaning we have a term for this and say the carpet “uglies out”…

When correct cleaning techniques and chemistry are applied wool carpets are easily maintained and retain the highest level of appearance. This is why, despite the slightly higher price tag, they are still the carpet of choice for installations where appearance is paramount.