Routine Cleaning Tips

By carrying out adequate cleaning from the time of installation of your carpet will make it is possible to safeguard your carpet’s appearance, enhance the image of your installation and ensure continued high performance throughout its life cycle.

To avoid premature carpet replacement we recommend the following preventative measures:

Regular carpet maintenance:

As carpet has the ability to conceal soilage it can appear to be clean when it is not, however, this should not result in delayed cleaning and maintenance, because when it appears dirty it can be hiding very high levels of soilage.

Regular Carpet Maintenance should include the following:

Thorough Vacuuming – A vital element in any Cleaning and Maintenance Regime to reduce fibre abrasion and wear.

High usage areas should be vacuumed daily to prevent the unsightly build up of dry soilage – dirt ,dust and grit.

Spot Removal – Spots and spills usually form 5-10 % of soiling, with beverages and food spills the most common. Failure to remove unsightly marks on a regular basis increases the chance of permanent staining and leads to a decline in appearance, For quick and easy spot removal use a specialised kit e.g. Host Spotting Kit.

Periodic Cleaning – To allow carpet to soil excessively before cleaning can lead to premature replacement. A Carpet Maintenance Programme can be tailored to your premises and budget .

Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaning is a very effective method of deep cleaning. A cleaning compound containing absorbent particles, ‘HOST’, is brushed into the pile where it absorbs the soilage and is then extracted. The process minimizes disruption as it requires no drying time and enables carpets to return to use immediately. Enables carpets to be cleaned as often as required without damage or rapid resoiling.

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