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Touch-Dry covering Wednesfield specialise in the Host® Dry Carpet Cleaning System, which is an effective method for deep cleaning carpets successfully in homes and businesses.

Our cleaning system is completely safe and eco-friendly, without the inconvenience of getting your carpet wet and is the perfect alternative to the traditional wet-cleans which can have its short-comings with long drying times, shrinkage and wick back.

Our cleaning process ensures there is no mould or mildew risks from wet carpets and is totally safe to use around children and pets.

The advantages of this system include:

  • No inconvenience
  • No wet carpets – no shrinkage
  • Carpets are ready for use immediately
  • Dust mite and allergen reduction
  • 100% Green, 100% Clean, 100% Dry
  • Leaves a clean, fresh scent


Ideal for stain resistant carpet and more:

  • Host® cleaning complies with the warranties of all major brands of stain resistant treatments.
  • Host® cleaning is approved by most carpet and fibre manufacturers worldwide and is safe to use on all natural and synthetic carpet fibres.
  • Host® is woolsafe approved and safe for all wool blend carpets.
  • Fine quality area rugs, including wool, sisal and Orientals, can be cleaned right in your home!


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